Our Team

Dr. Mounir Yehia


Dr. Mounir Yehia is a former Professor at the American University of Beirut, former Chairman of the Electrical Engineering Department (1986-2000), former member of the Board of Directors of the Lebanese Electricity Company (1992-1997), and former Advisor to Abu Dhabi Water and Electric Authority leading the digital transformation of ADWEA and affiliated companies: ADDC, AADC, ADSIC, and Transco (2000-2011).

Dr. Yehia is currently the Chairman of Near East Engineering and Development Services and was leading the management of a unique program in Lebanon and the middle-east region (2010-2016): radical outsourcing of electricity utility distribution services to private sector. The program “Distribution Service Provider” includes building the first large scale Smart Grid by rolling out 1.2 million smart meters to cover all the customers of Lebanon integrated with the re-engineering of distribution networks, and introducing comprehensive utility benchmarking platform.

Dr. Yehia is the Founder of the “Digital Utility” Model for the transformation of the Electric and Water Utilities in the 21st century. Dr. Yehia is the author of two unique books and has supervised a number of advanced research programs at AUB, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology -Boston), and Lebanese National Research Council.

Dr. Yehia is an active consultant in the development of integrated national planning and policy programs, deregulation and restructuring of power and water utilities, power system planning and analysis, energy and distribution management systems, load management and automatic metering systems, information technology applications, Geographic Information Systems, and the transformation of public and private enterprises to the digital environment.

Dr. Yehia was directing, over his 30 years of experience, a portfolio of projects exceeding 5 billion USD, and will exercise his duties as project director at NEEDS Head-Office.

Daoud EL Gharib


Daoud EL Gharib is a holder of BS degree in Computer Science from The Open University of United Kingdom. He has more than 10 years of regional experience in the fields of Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Geo-spatial modeling for power networks, Enterprise GIS systems, ERP systems implementation and integration, and IT administration.

He is currently leading the team of computer engineers and programmers at NEEDS for E-Learning Platform (SOrCE) development and support. He is currently managing various projects in Lebanon K12 schools to realize their digital transformation in education.

Daoud EL Gharib has considerable achievements in the development and the implementation of the geo-spatial transformation of utility business and the integration of ERP systems within the digital transformation environment with extra-ordinary personality in managing team with multitasks and disciplines.

SOrCE Team


We have dedicated teams developing NEEDS e Learning initiatives, supported by committed Subject Matters Experts (SME), and equipped with solid technical expertise and project management experience.

The Digital Services department is responsible for developing and supporting the IT services for the SOrCE services, applications integration and development, and the interactive digital content authoring that is compliant with the industry standards and latest technologies.